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  1. In this excerpt from “The Cross and the Lynching Tree,” James H. Cone writes that the gospel is found wherever the wronged struggle for justice.
  2. Live. Live. Creativity; DIY; Style; Garden; Home; Nature; Latest Posts. Urban Almanac August A monthly compendium of random wisdom from the natural world and beyond.
  3. The River Jordan stakes its claim in the believer’s mind as a solemn symbol of the promise of salvation. We see it at once as an vague token of liminal terrain and a fluvial avatar of hope. It marks the transition from this familiar world, wherein the soul is shackled to its bodily form, to a better world wherein the soul becomes joyously.
  4. Jul 28,  · The Jordan Committee will conduct its review and submit a report with recommendations for any actions to the president, provost and Naming Committee by Sept. 1. Jordan .
  5. There are certain people who will always remember the river Jordan -- the children of Israel first of all, because it separated them from the Promised Land; and while scripturally Canaan does not stand for Heaven, yet in the mind of many it does, and the Jordan typifies an experience which stands between us .
  6. Bible Lesson: Joshua was the new leader of the Hebrews following Moses, but God had yet to demonstrate His power through Joshua. When the time came to cross the Jordan River, God caused it to stop so the people could cross. God showed in this miracle that He .
  7. As a little girl River Jordan chased a group of traveling Roma, but was stopped and returned to her mother before she could join them. She’s been living on the edge ever since, often traveling on internal journeys of the heart, but this time on a very physical and spiritual journey.
  8. Jul 20,  · The Road From Raqqa is the story of Riyad Alkasem, who today is chef and owner of the restaurant Cafe Rakka in Hendersonville, just outside Nashville. (The choice of spelling does get explained in the book.) On its most basic level, The Road From Raqqa is a story about the American dream — finding love, raising a family, becoming a successful entrepreneur, appearing on Diners, .

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