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  1. Jul 20,  · A rare Lester Young performance of "Mean To Me" on "Art Ford's Jazz Party", September 25, Broadcast by Danmarks Radio. Sound portion originally released as Enigma
  2. Lester Young joins the Oscar Peterson trio – and the result is a classic meeting of the minds from early 50s Verve! Young 's tone is tremendous throughout – that sharp-yet-cool style that had such a big influence on other 50s players, and which gets some great support here from Peterson's group, which also features guest guitar from Barney Kessel.. Oscar's piano lines are a bit more.
  3. Lester Young was born in Woodville, Mississippi, near New Orleans, Louisiana, and grew up in a musical prophsiofrolportcoolcaberrelesipeti.coinfo father, Willis Handy Young, was a teacher and band leader, his brother, Lee Young, was a drummer, and several other relatives performed professionally. While growing up in New Orleans, he worked from the age of five to make money for the family.
  4. Lester Young will remain a towering figure for as long as people listen to saxophone. Yet to me he stands as a lonely and possibly even tragic Giant of Jazz. He was a solitary spirit who shone brightly, all too briefly, creating a whole new world of music in a few fleeting wisps of sound.
  5. Lester Young was one of the giants in jazz and anyone interested in the music must hear the wonderful things this man created. A ridiculous argument has gone on for years in jazz circles that all of Lester's worthwhile recordings were made with Basie prior to the war and that his army experience ruined him with nothing of musical value coming /5(7).
  6. Lester Young: 'The Prez' Still Rules At August 27, • Young, aka "The President of Jazz," was born years ago Thursday. He led a revolution on the tenor saxophone that influenced.
  7. Apr 14,  · Lester Young also invented a host of other unusual phrases. Some entered the common vernacular, for example his use of the term “bread” to refer to money or “crib” as a way of signifying.

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