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  1. Jan 03,  · The finish of the frame is distracting enough; trying to coordinate the wheels with the frame doesn't work because the wheel vendor logos are .
  2. John seeks advice on removing wheel weight adhesive from his rims after having wheels balanced. To Whom it May Concern: I have read your articles on wheel care and have two questions that I am not aware of you covering. First, what is the best/safest way to remove the old balance tape/residue from the inside of the wheel and second, do you have a preferred method/tool of cleaning inside the.
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  4. The good news is, if you use a wheel wax as recommended, water is the only thing you need to clean your wheels between waxings. Another option is to coat your wheels. Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Wheel Coating blankets your wheels in a rock-hard barrier of protection that is impenetrable by ferrous brake-dust particles, road salt, tar or oil.
  5. Feb 28,  · Heat them with a hair dryer. and then try to remove them. Use white spirit to get the glue off of the rim If you are looking for more ways to remove stickers I suggest you run a search as this topic has been debated quite deliberately.
  6. Wheel Well Molding. Our wheel-well-moldings would enhance the look of your vehicle and provide protection. You might want people to admire the wheels of your car but if there is a better way to gain others' admiration for your car then it is wiser to go for that.
  7. M-jump Decal Removal Eraser Wheel Tool Kit - 4 inch Rubber Power Drill Attachment for Removing Pinstripes, Stickers, Adhesive Vinyl Decals from Cars, Rvs, Boats and More out of .

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