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  1. I messed it up. From love to hate in one sec I ruined my relationship and lost the respect of my friends. All because of Depression.
  2. 1. botch, bungle, make a hash of (informal), make a nonsense of, make a pig's ear of (informal), cock something up (Brit. slang), fuck something up (offensive taboo slang), muck something up (Brit. slang), muddle something up If I messed it up, I would probably be fired.
  3. Synonyms for screw up at prophsiofrolportcoolcaberrelesipeti.coinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for screw up.
  4. I screwed it up. AutoMod answered Created the account, try to confirm the email (without succes, because it gave me error), leave it to later Now I forgot the password, and can not access from other devices (here, on the computer, I let the account open).
  5. One phrase to remember, and I screwed it up. Una frase da ricordare e ho rovinato tutto. If not, thanks for a really great day, until I screwed it up. Altrimenti, grazie per quella che è stata una bellissima giornata, finché non ho rovinato tutto.
  6. I knew a man who really messed up his relationship—big time. His partner left him and started a new life, wanting nothing to do with him. But he loved her and wanted to show her he was sorry. Here’s what he did: Every Sunday afternoon he would go to her house with a bag of groceries for her. The first time he rang her doorbell, she didn’t even open the door, just yelled, “Go away.”.
  7. You’ll wish that you never screwed up in the first place so that you wouldn’t have to deal with this now. You’re desperate to fix it. Now that you know what you’ve done, you feel the need to make amends. Of course, it’s probably too late at this point. He’s well aware that you hurt him and most likely not in the mood to forgive.
  8. Mar 06,  · c) to screw (intransitive): "to botch an activity or undertaking" I screwed up = I botched it / I messed up. (Ich habe Mist gebaut/ Ich hab's verbockt.) (Ich habe Mist gebaut/ Ich hab's verbockt.)

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