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  1. Sep 26,  · Apollo 12 was the second crewed mission to land on the moon. The mission lifted off on Nov. 14, , a little less than four months after two members of the Apollo 11 crew became the first people.
  2. Apollo 12 Flight Journal - Transcript of Apollo 12 communications from the flight Apollo 12 Preliminary Science Report (PDF) Apollo 12 Press Kit (PDF) Return to Apollo page Return to Lunar home page. Author/Curator: Dr. David R. Williams, .
  3. Apollo 12 Crew Lithographs NASA 4 Photographs. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class. These are 4 great NASA crew lithographs of the Apollo 12 crew. Each is 8x10Seller Rating: % positive.
  4. The Apollo 12 mission demonstrated the capability for performing a precision lunar landing, which was a requirement for the success of future lunar surface explorations. The excellent performance of the spacecraft, the crew, and the supporting ground .
  5. Apollo 12, the second crewed Moon landing, demonstrated a pinpoint landing so future missions could target more ambitious locations.
  6. Apollo 12 was the second crewed lunar landing. Mission objectives included an extensive series of lunar exploration tasks as well as the deployment of the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package, or ALSEP.
  7. Nov 09,  · Apollo 12 was designated to demonstrate the ability to land very accurately, and in their case, they even had a manmade target waiting. Surveyor IIIhad soft landed in the Sea of Storms on the April 20th, as a preliminary test by NASA to explore the feasibility of a lunar landing. Now, it would serve as something for Apollo 12 to aim for.
  8. Apollo 12 Four months after Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the moon, a second pair of astronauts got their turn. Charles Conrad and Alan Bean were selected to be in the lunar module for Apollo Author: Jessica Learish.
  9. Nov 14,  · Apollo 12, the second manned mission to the surface of the moon, is launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, with astronauts Charles Conrad, Jr.; Richard F. Gordon, Jr.; and Alan L. Bean aboard.

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